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Christine Caranyagan, CIS

Full-Time Licensed Financial Advisor from Sun Life for almost 4 years now.

A Certified Investment Solicitor (CIS),

Associate Wealth Planner (AWP), &

Associate Estate Planner of the Philippines (AEPP).

Author of the Personal Finance Blog, www.mymoneywisetips.com

Consistent Fast Track Qualifier

Bronze Medallion Awardee for Love Month 2020

Bronze Medallion Awardee for August Champs 2020

Bronze Macaulay Club Awardee 2020

How to Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor

โœ” Fill up the Application Form below and upload your most updated CV/Resume.

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โœ” Submit licensing requirements.

  1. 1 x 1 pictures with collar, yellow background (4pcs)
  2. Latest (previous year) filed ITR BIR Form 1700, 1701, 1702 or 2316; If not available, letter explaining why there is no ITR, addressed to the Insurance Commission
  3. Photocopy of TIN ID. If none, ITR will do.
  4. Photocopy of SSS ID or Personal Data Form (online) or E1. UMID not acceptable
  5. Valid NBI Clearance (Original Copy) and must be valid in the next 6 months upon submission
  6. Clearance from immediate previous employer if not currently employed (3 years or less) STATING NO ACCOUNTABILITY
    • If currently employed โ€“ photocopy of company ID
    • If Project or Contractual employee without ID โ€“ copy of contract.
    • If with own business โ€“ copy of business registration (DTI, SEC, Mayorโ€™s Permit)
  7. If currently a government employee, letter from management of the government office (using letterhead) allowing to sell life insurance while employed
  8. Clear Photo of Validated Deposit Slip or Email confirmation of Transfer of Licensing fee Php 1,515 each for Traditional and VUL or P3,030.00 for both*
    Account Name: Sun Life of Canada Phils Inc
    BPI โ€“ 0073 1754 37
    BDO โ€“ 00 0460 0284 64
    RCBC โ€“ 3001 0084 38
  9. If from another life insurance company, clearance with license details: number and date issued or examination results
  10. Training Certificates โ€“ Insurance Concepts (Life and VUL) and SLTC
  11. Additional documents might be required upon request.

โœ” Get coded and start helping people acquire insurance plans.

โœ” Attend additional trainings/meetings.


  • Bachelor's degree in any field 
  • At least 23-35 y/o
  • Background in Sales/Customer Service is preferred but not required
  • Good Attitude and Obedience to leader
  • Coachable and fast learner
  • Must be willing to undergo several webinars and training
  • Has own laptop & stable internet connection
  • Active in social media (Positive Influencer)

Let me tell you my story...

Ever since I graduated from college as a degree holder of Banking and Finance, I developed this goal of achieving financial freedom.

I was totally inspired by Chinkee Tan to also become an advocate of financial awareness among Filipino people when he was invited to speak during one of our seminars in the school. And we were very lucky because financial awareness is something that is not taught inside the classroom.

When I graduated, I became a bank teller for two years in one of the biggest bank here in the Philippines. But I came to the point of feeling stagnant with my work. Looking for self-growth, I left my job with no backup plan.

Mind you, the struggle is real. I started to find my purpose in life after a series of rejections from looking for a new job.

And then I came across a blog and from there, my journey of becoming a financial advocate has started with Sun Life Financial, a financial institution that helps people achieve lifetime financial security. Through this company, I started taking small steps in achieving financial freedom.

I was overwhelmed with the training and seminars I have attended in becoming a Financial Advisor. But I really enjoyed them all. Aside from the benefit of experiencing self-growth, I always learn something new from other advisors and trainers.

As a Sun Life Financial Advisor, I continuously grow out of my comfort zone. I slowly believe that I can do more in helping not only myself, but other people in achieving financial freedom. 

Each one of us deserves to have a wealthy life. Every one of us is capable of. It is just a matter of you making the #bright choices in your life.

As of this writing, the Philippines has a population of 109 Million, and there are only 38.9 Million insured individuals. 

This just shows that there are still 70 Million people who needs our help & guidance when it comes to their financial security.

They need us!

Being a financial advisor is a very noble and rewarding profession. As for me, I never expected that thereโ€™s still more that I can do. This has changed my perception in life. And I truly believe that youโ€™ll also feel the same way.

Let yourself be an angel to your family, friends, and other people. Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor today!

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